The Holiday Minis Bundle


New for the 2021 Holidays!! The Holiday Minis Bundle is an amazing gift for a friend our yourself. Fill your home with the warm scents of the holiday. From clove and cinnamon to pumpkin and vanilla, you’ll want to eat them…but don’t! Cheers

Winter Woods – This beautiful pine scent smells like an entire forest of snow-laden pine trees. Warm notes of cinnamon, forest ferns, fir needles, pine and cedarwood. Contains clove essential oil.

Spiced Pine Cone – You know that bag of cinnamon pine cones that you pick up at the grocery store? Well, you don’t need it any more. I love to walk into my home and smell this scent because I know family fun is coming. Notes include spiced clove, ginger, and cinnamon spice. Contains clove and ginger essential oils.

Holiday Cookies – The holidays are a time to bake cookies and other sweet treats. Recreate that joy with this lovely candle. It contains notes of honey glaze, butter, cinnamon, and vanilla.

Smells Like Fall – This vibrant scent is so intoxicating. Think cooler weather, snuggling up with a mug of something warm, and long notes flipping through picture books. Contains notes of grapefruit, citron, mandarin, peach, vanilla, and cyclamen. Contains lemon, tangerine, orange, and grapefruit essential oils.

Burn time: 8-10 hours (each candle)

A maximum of two bundles per order

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Weight 15 oz
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