Free Community Art Day at Crenshaw Hills Farmers Market – Adult Self Care Workshop (10-1pm)


Embark on a transformative journey at our free Nurturing Dreams Workshop, nestled within the vibrant ambiance of your local farmers market. Join us in a unique exploration of self-discovery, guided by the empowering principles of affirmations, chakra energy balance, and the art of setting healthy boundaries.

Step into a space where dreams are not just envisioned but nurtured. Our workshop is a sanctuary where the power of positive affirmations is harnessed to uplift your spirit and cultivate a mindset of abundance. Learn how affirmations can shape your reality, fostering a positive outlook and building the foundation for achieving your dreams.

This workshop will be offered by local healer Bridget Davis. Follow her @sistaalchemist on Instagram.

This workshop is being offered thanks to a grant provided by the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs. (

Please only sign up if you are certain that you can participate. If your plans change, please text us at 310-625-2924, so that we can offer the space to another guest. Thank you.

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