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Enjoy the scent of all your favorite candles, safely, without using a flame, thanks to this large candle warmer. The candle plate warms candles up so their scent is released into the air with no flame. It can be placed on any flat surface because the candle warmer has felt covered feet. Use it in your home, office, shop, den, kitchen and much more. This candle heating plate has a 4.25” diameter and an on/off switch with light indicator. It works best with non-lit candles up to 4” in diameter that are in glass jars or metal containers.

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1 review for Candle Warmer

  1. Tara S

    Very happy with this candle warmer!
    I sometimes have some wax left in the bottom of a candle, or a tunneled candle. The warmer allows me to melt that candle wax and get more fragrance out of it. Of course you can use a fresh candle too, but you’ll lose the wick. Fish out any wick bits with a popsicle stick or a skewer. The candle wax doesn’t evaporate, but eventually loses the scent. I like having this non combustible option for enjoying my favorite House of Mosaic scented candles.

    • lacandles310

      I agree. This is a great option for folks that don’t want to have an open fire in their home.

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