About Toni

Through mosaic art, Toni seeks to take broken, disparate pieces of glass and transform them into distinct pieces for the home and garden.  Toni’s mosaics are the perfect intersection of whimsical expression, cultural respect and all that is beautiful.

Never one to consider herself an artist, this love of mosaic artistry surprised Toni most of all.  “I stumbled into stained-glass mosaics quite unexpectedly. Seventeen years ago, I had two toddlers at home, and few nerves. Seeking an avenue of escape, if only temporarily, I enrolled in a variety of art classes, everything from faux painting, to stained glass, to tabletop fountains. It was after completing a class in traditional mosaics that knew I had found the perfect art medium.”

Today, through House of Mosaic, Toni both teaches mosaic artistry and creates one of a kind pieces that showcase the play of light and texture glass provides.  “I love the way light reflects off the glass on my art, and it is so much fun to put each piece in place, knowing that at some later point, the whole picture will truly take shape.”

Please contact me for information on custom pieces or classes.

Candles, Candles, Candles! Who doesn’t love candles?  While I just started making candles in 2016, I have embraced the science and art behind making unique, one-of-a-kind candles. My goal is to transport you to a tropical island, romantic getaway, peaceful retreat, or family reunion everytime you light them.

Do you have a special event coming up? Candles make wonderful gifts. I am happy to customize labels, scents, and colors to match your special occasion. Please contact me for additional information.